Scheduling & cash flow management

SchedRight was established as a Canadian software licensing company in the area of construction project/program management and particularly scheduling and cash flow management.

Intriguing Financing Solutions for Contractors and Owners

SchedRight software SchedRight software was put together to fill in a gap that was perceived within the framework of project management. While scheduling is being used as the primary tool to integrate the management of project time and cost at the project level, financing is yet managed at the corporate level. This resulted in the project financing being managed separately from the highly relevant project time and cost. This problem made contractors suffer from either failures due to poor management of cash flow or increased project financing cost. In addition, this problem made program owners suffer from slow project delivery rates due to inability to fully utilize the allocated fund during fiscal years.

SchedRight is a scheduling software that achieves full integration between project time, cost, and financing. Apart from the basic feature of generating project cash flow, SchedRight employs patented algorithms which capitalize on schedules to optimize cash flow and thus offers intriguing financing solutions for the contractors and owners. .

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